Why do you need Awnings for your Patio?

Humans have always seemed for protection against external conditions. Our history will show you the progression of the type of protection we have always constructed. Advancement in construction have offered various kinds of structures that provide shade. Now, apart getting protection from the interior of buildings, you can get this same protection while outside without having to build any permanent structure.

Patio Awning

With the construction of structures like patios, your options have never been this varied. Awnings for patio allow you protection from dangerous ultraviolet rays from the sun. This article will give your necessary information on awnings for patio.

Why do you need Awnings for your Patio?

Since patios are external structures connected to a building, they are at the mercy of external factors without protection. Sunlight, rain, and wind are just some of these factors that will affect you if your patio have no adequate protection.

Sunlight produces Ultraviolet rays. These rays could be dangerous based on the level of exposure. Medically, it is understood that long term exposure to dangerous ultraviolet rays causes a lot of skin problems, the major one being skin cancer. Other health risks include consistent sunburn, skin ageing and others.

The types of ultraviolet rays that causes these diseases include UVA and UVB. In the UK and other European countries, the dangerous UV rays are at their peak in the summer and spring months. Patio Awnings UK can be used to regulate the amount of exposure you get. This is a basic function of awnings.

Also, heavy rains and wind will be broken by patio awning. This offers you the option of staying outside when normally you would have sought for the shelter of your building. With many types of patio awnings, including retractable awnings for patio, your comfort outside should stand up to the pressure of the external forces.

Cost of Patio Awnings UK

There are many factors that affect patio awnings price in the UK. We will touch these factors in this section. Before that however, you should know that the cost of an awning for patio ranges from £150 – £4000.

The cheaper patio awnings are the ‘off the shelf’ awnings. These are ready-made awnings that are perfect for short term usage. Made in China, they are sold by online UK retail stores. This means that customization is off the table as they are produced in specific sizes. Most ‘off the shelf’ awnings are produced with a space of 0.5m apart.

The materials used in the construction of these awnings are of low to medium grade. The fabric is limited to just 2 or 3 different colours. The prices of these awnings ranges from £150 – £450. Other additional cost will be discussed in the later section of this chapter.

Patio designed in the UK are more expensive as the offer you the complete buying experience. These awnings are designed by European specialists. Partnership with UK retailers makes it easy to structure the awnings to the buyer’s requirements. Unlike an ‘off the shelf’ awning,  before a purchase is made, the buyer is required to take a survey so the structure of his property can be understood and customization options are made available.

The cheapest of these awnings cost about a £1000. With the high quality material used to make the strucyand the customization options available, this shouldn’t come as surprise. These awnings are superior long term options and are very durable.

After obtaining your patio awning, you have to get it installed. The cost of the awnings that have been discussed excludes the cost of installation and other options that will now be discussed.

The installation of an awning price ranges from £350 to £800. For an ‘off the shelf’ awning, the cost of installation ranges from £350 – £600. Patios awnings designed in the UK are usually more expensive to install. The cost of their installation ranges from £700 – £800.

Another additional cost is that of the electrical operation. For people who love manually operated patio awnings, this price is one you don’t need to pay. However, if you enjoy your patio awning being electrically operated, you have to pay £250 – £350 to enjoy this function. Also, to ba able to control your awning with a remote, an additional £50 – £300 will be added to the electric cost. A good thing is delivery might be free depending on your location. Generally, the cost of delivery is lower than £50.


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