What Home Improvements Are Worth Investing In

Often people make big renovations for their home, intending to increase the value of their home or have a return on their investment. But not all renovations will raise your home’s value, some might even decrease it.

This article will outline the projects you can consider making for your home and which ones to stay away from.

Here is a list of some ideas for home improvements that are worth investing in:

Start with the Outside  

Does your home entrance look welcoming? Does your home look attractive from the outside?

The first thing people see of your home is the outside. First impressions are essential, so your home’s exterior looks must look its best.

Consider changing your landscaping by adding some plants or flowers. A home with green grass is far nicer than an entrance with dirt. Beauty park looks nice for the first few days, but then it doesn’t look so great. It can also smell bad.

How old is your garage door? Does it need a paint job? Lubricate the springs to make it last longer or is it better to simply replace it with a new one? Does it have an electric opener that you can operate from the car?

Real estate expert, and founder or of Texas Hard Money Sacha Ferrandi claims

“Any other changes such as improving your curb appeal, adding stone to the exterior, a line of a stone wall on the bottom, or a new front door will help improve the entrance of your home. You can also consider putting in larger windows in the front as well. Making your home more appealing especially from the exterior, can add great value to your home. Make sure your home gives a great impression both from the exterior and the interior”.

Give Your Kitchen a Minor Upgrade  

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house that people look at when buying a home. Making the kitchen more attractive or with more features, beyond appliances like a refrigerator or stove, which can be replaced, will make it more appealing and increase the value of your home.

Kitchen renovations don’t have to hurt your pocket if done correctly. Make smart decisions with your kitchen upgrade; speak with professionals and real estate agents in your area to make sure your investment is popular currently before you speak with contractors. Know what projects are worth investing in before you throw money at them.

Identify which home improvements you can do yourself and which ones to leave to a professional. Anything involving major changes such as construction, plumbing, electrical are best to leave to experts, unless you are one yourself, to avoid making a mess that could cost you more to fix. Also, don’t do all the improvements at once. Start to go in sections: replace old appliances with new, more modern ones like stainless steel. You can replace the cabinets, add new flooring, put in a new paint job, at different times. IF you have multiple things you would like to change. Speak with the contractor about what order you should do the steps in.

Bathroom Upgrade 

An appealing bathroom is another place that will help your home increase in value. A skylight, bigger (glazed) windows or a larger tub or shower with floor and wall tiles all help make a bathroom more attractive.

A larger shower or bathtub helps give your bathroom a relaxing feel as well.

You should also have a set budget on this remodeling as well as advice from experts. As always, don’t make any changes unless you know it is certain to enhance the value of your home and it is something that you can afford to do.

Stick to modern styles and colors – Neutral colors, walk-in showers, glass doors, and even support bars for universal use.

Backyard Improvements

The backyard is the place where you will gather with your guests for reunions and events. You want it to be attractive. Where people can relax and enjoy the view of the garden or trees.

Preferably with both grass and concrete areas. Have some flowers or shrubbery to add some variety and color. If you are concerned about upkeep, speak with a landscaper about what plants are low maintenance.

Make sure you have enough space for cooking – barbecue equipment, firepits, other patio furniture. Make sure that you have a place to set them and have space enough left over for people to mingle around.

Easy and appealing access in and out of the home. Can people easily get back inside the house, can they go to the front of the house through a gate?

Is there a fence around the yard to keep in animals and allow for some privacy?

Know what you are getting into before you invest

Home improvements are a big investment, but they can raise the value of your home and make it a more comfortable, appealing place to live you and your family.

Learn what home renovations are worth your time and money. What will give you the home you want and what will increase its value.

Not all home improvements have to break your bank account. Take the time to plan what you want to do and what is worth doing at an affordable price. Then get to work! About the author: Karina Mojica is a contributor editor for 365 Business tips. From sunny Los Angeles; California State University Dominguez Hills she made her way back home to beautiful San Diego. She has a degree in Marketing, with experience in PR, interior design and social media marketing.

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