Keep it on the low with these 5 Tips for Your Dreamy Minimalist Dining Room

Dining area- the soul of your home that brings together people to share their day, their stories, and their laughter! It brings out the nostalgic itch which pleasantly infuses happiness after a long hard-working day. A dining area needs to breathe to give you and your family a space which is inviting and comfortable. The idea of designing a dining space needs to center around the elements that can have a personality of their own and can add value to the room. But unfortunately, most of us, in the name of dining room decor end up cluttering it up or do wrong to its true purpose which is to be welcoming space which is nothing short of a sinful act. To help you earn the redemption from this potential sin which you might have already committed or were about to waddle in it during your next dining decor teardown, we have picked 5 of the finest tips to design your dream minimalist dining room. Let us take a look-

Stick to the roots!

Wood decor never gets obsolete. Possibly the most natural way of achieving that gorgeous minimalistic design is using the earthy elements of various types of woods to paint your dining room of calm-homely vibes. Add the dining table made from wood complemented by chairs or flat bench (shop owen dining set online to get an idea). Keep the color scheme of the room neutral or warm with white and beige hues. Place planters in the corners to add the arboreal aura to the space. Just remember to center everything around the idea of “nature” and you will get a one-of-a-kind minimalistic dining room

Get the edginess on!

Minimalism is not just about limited elements. Minimalism is also about confluence of unique and edgy designs which can give dining room space a whole new perspective. So grab some of the asymmetrical lamps and hang them over you dining table. Place abstract painting next to the kitchen wall to add a layer of uniqueness while filing up the space smartly. You can keep high rise stool(s) near the kitchen top to bring out the casualness of the area. Just pick the décor pieces smarty and you will be able to revamp your dining area like never before.

Back to basics!

Black and white is always a good idea. Using the color scheme of two starkly opposite colors can give a gorgeous minimalistic façade to your dining room. Use the color scheme of the walls as white or shades of white. Add a black kitchen top to complement the pristine whites. Add a dining table piece that says “less for more” with contemporary black curved chairs to fill up the space in style (Dining Room Furniture Online Moorabbin coughs up a great collection for you to consider). And décor pieces such as quirky night stands or eye-catching vases accentuate the vibes of the home so try them too!

Bring tropical to your space!

Lots of planters, sloped ceiling beams and glittering allure of whites and blues; this is minimalistic design for your dining area with tropical twist to it. Focus your décor bottom-line on beach vibes and natural landscape at a beach. Add hints of blues by painting corner of a wall or add blue vases on the dining table. Stick with natural wood table for the area with complementing white chairs. Beach is always a good idea and this décor is too!

Dedicated wall/chalk board!

No better way of bringing art to your minimalistic design décor than an accented wall or a chalk board which adds happy memories and peppiness to your space and your home overall. Dedicate a wall for the photographs which oozes happiness and encompass stories of your life or put up a chalk board and scribble something you remember from good ol’ college days! Or just be creative and thrown in some caricature donning bright colors.

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