Is Duraceramic Better Than Ceramic Tile?

When planning to decorate a house, it is often intimidating to make choices. You need to be cautious as well as aware of the recent developments of home renovation item to ensure you aren’t ditched by the dynamic market choices. One such important and equally intimidating home decoration supply is floor tiles.

When scorching the market to buy the most suitable tile for floorings, a customer gets hundreds and thousands of options to evaluate and finalize. Traditional carpet flooring, hardwood flooring, ceramic flooring, tile flooring, vinyl flooring are some common varieties that would confuse you. There is another variant that is being popular nowadays and competing with the traditional flooring options- DuraCeramic tile. While most people stick to the conventional choices, there are few advanced buyers who prefer this innovative option.  In this articles, we will decode how DuraCeramic is better than Ceramic Tile?


If you are looking for a quality solution at a cost-effective price, ceramic tile comes as the best option. Besides being durable, the tile comes with scratch, water and moisture resistant features. What makes it more customer-friendly is that they are available in almost every size, color and texture to meet your requirement at affordable prices. You can try installing them on your own, but experts suggest to hire a professional as the tile might crack or break easily.

Ceramic tiles are perfect for bothresidential and commercial installation. You can install them in any room of your house including the bathroom. However, the most popular use of ceramic tile is in the bedrooms and kitchen. The only shortcoming of this tile is that it is cold touch so people living in an area that has low temperature cannot rely on this tile for a warm interior.

Price- Depending on the quality and company, there are the different types of ceramic tiles available at different price range. The starting price for ceramic tile is $2 per tile and may go upto $12-15 per tile.


If you are looking for an advanced option, DuraCeramic tiles are the best match. It is a Congoleum flooring tile variant that is made to look like ceramic tile. Simply put, DuraCeramic tile is a cross between ceramic flooring and vinyl flooring, designed and styled in a way that it offers same fell, look and grace of a ceramic tile. Technically, DuraCeramic tiles are a basic composition of limestone that is fortified using polymeric resin. Because of this, it is relatively easy & quick to install tile with little or no maintenance properties. This makes it a more durable and customer-friendly choice than stone tile flooring or ceramic tile flooring.

You can buy these tiles in 16″ squares and for an embossed line the count would be 8” pieces. For installation, there are two options- grouted & un-grouted. If you want more ceramic like look, you may use grouted installation while for a space at the joint look choose the un-grouted installation option.

From walls to floors to backsplashes and more, DuraCeramic tile is perfect to install anywhere in your home. The tile is considered perfect for heated areas and offers you a dry interior option. For shower and bathroom walls, it is not a recommended option.

DuraCeramic was once a pretty expensive tile but with time, its price has fallen. Now DuraCeramic tiles are available at a retail price of $5.00 per square foot, you can buy a high-end ceramic tile at this price.


Besides demanding less subfloor preparation (you can install DuraCeramic tile over wood, concrete, ceramic tile, terrazzo and more) it is also durable its competitors. However, before installation, you need to make sure there is no dirt, dust or grease and the floor is clean. You do not need a wet saw to cut this tile. Like any drywall, you can cut DuraCeramic tile with scoring and flexing. The only pre-requisite of installing DuraCeramic tile is a flat surface. However, there are also chances for a little variation, but, that should not exceed 1/16” in 1’ or 3/16” in 10’.

You also get many variants to choose from along with grouting option. Because it is a cross, the maintenance requirements are minimal. It is warmer and easier to install tile and preferred by people suffering from arthritic ankles.


There are not many disadvantages of DuraCeramic tile. But a few make installing them tougher. Like, you need DuraCeramic Premix Grout to grout these tiles as no other grout would offer you the desired results. Another major shortcoming of these tiles is that they can easily cut, dent or chip with heels, scissors or sharp objects. Moreover, you will need furniture pads to prevent scratches, and for keeping dust and dirt away, doormats are recommended.

This tile is a beneficial option if you are OK with a little precaution. However, choices widely differ from customer to customer. Choose as per your house and ability to maintain and DuraCeramic tiles can be good.

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