How To Clean Your Kitchen Quickly

Suddenly while cooking, if some unexpected guest creeps from one of the drawers, what will be your first reaction? Will you ignore it and say it is part and parcel of the game and let this minion have its share of food, or will you bring a broom and try to shoo it away? Now, sharing your kitchen with these unwanted guests is not a welcoming gesture. You are not only giving them the right to intrude in your area but also inviting a whole lot of infections.

Clean Your Kitchen

Apart from this, messy drawers, haphazardly kept dishes, unkept pantry almirahs, and dirty cutlery sends across lots of negativity and the same gets percolated in the food that you cook. They say that you become what you eat, so imagine the repercussions of eating food brought from an unclean kitchen. A happy family sits together, laughs together, eats, and cleans together as well. So let this cleaning begin from the kitchen and for that, you can have a look at the following tips:

  1. Assembly: Your supplies needed for cleaning like cleansers, sponge, scrubber, etc should be handy and assembled so that you don’t have to look here and there while you begin cleaning.
  2. Hot Water: Make sure you have a sink of hot water ready for use. Hot water helps in removing the oil and dirt stains quickly and effectively. Add soap to the water for cleaning the dishes.
  3. Scrape the dishes: The dirty dishes need to be stacked properly in the sink.
  4. Bifurcate the dishes: There will be quite a few dishes which are oilier than the others. Set these dishes apart by soaking these in the hot water which has soap in it. This will work as a cleanser and disinfectant.
  5. Floor cleaning: Pick up the broom and start cleaning the floor while the dishes are soaked in the water.
  6. Find the right place for all the items: There might be chances that some stuff that doesn’t belong to the kitchen has been kept in the kitchen slabs. Make sure you remove it and place it in the area where it belongs.
  7. Organise the kitchen: While cooking it is obvious that you randomly open the drawers and pick up spices from one drawer and flour from the other. While you begin cleaning, just put the things back in the right place. At this time don’t focus on organizing the cabinets. Your thrust area is cleaning the kitchen so pay attention to that.
  8. Cleaning the dishes: If you have a dishwasher, the process is easy and less cumbersome. On the other hand, if you opt to clean the dishes by hand then it will take some time. For that, scrap the food form the plates, rinse it, apply soap and spray water to get sparkling and clean dishes.
  9. Appliances need to be cleaned: The various appliances you use like the grinder, cook-top, etc have to be cleaned with a soft cloth so that no oil stains remain. You need not clean the microwave or the OTG regularly. Just wipe it and you are done.
  10. Mop/ Vacuum: Once your counters are clean, dishes are washed and the cabinets are closed, make sure you mop the floor well so that no speck of dirt remains.
  11. Clean the trash: Reline the trash bin by taking it out so that it gets collected the next day.

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How to make kitchen cleaning fun and easy?

Everyone enjoys having a sumptuous meal. But there is a lot that goes on behind the scenes before the perfect plate comes out and this means that the kitchen becomes a busy area before it’s done. So to make the process easy, you need to:

  • Involve everyone to help you in the cleaning process.
  • Give instructions to all the family members to rinse their dishes.
  • While you work, hot soapy water should always be ready for use so that the chopping board, knives, and cutlery can be cleaned as and when it gets used.
  • Close the cabinets after use and put the ingredients back after the dishes have been cooked. It will make the kitchen look clutter-free and nice.

Make kitchen cleaning a routine rather than a weekly affair and source the best cleansers, scrubbers, and disinfectants from Clean Living International.

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