How to Care for Black Kitchen Cabinets

If you are a real estate enthusiast who has visited most homes, you will notice a certain trend of homeowners avoiding black kitchen cabinets. Have you ever wondered why this color scheme would be a nightmare for most homeowners? Well, we’ll explore some of the reasons why black remains a feared color in the kitchen.

Black kills space

The top reason why most homeowners fear black kitchen cabinets is that the color kills space in the kitchen. As a dull color, black absorbs light instead of reflecting it. This means that the kitchen would appear smaller than it is. Therefore, a majority of homeowners with relatively smaller kitchens wouldn’t want a color scheme that would make their kitchens appear even smaller than they are.

Therefore, black remains a reserve for extremely large kitchens where homeowners have nothing to worry about space.

Black is dull

In modern homes, the kitchen has become a central place in a home, which plays an important role. Most family activities take place in the kitchen, as opposed to the traditional view of the kitchen being a cooking area. Some families have dining areas in their kitchens in form of kitchen islands.

In such homes, installing black kitchen cabinets can make the room appear dull instead of warm and welcoming. This is why homeowners prefer color schemes that are exciting and would make the kitchen feel warmer.

Requires more lighting

If you choose to install black cabinets in your kitchen, then you must also invest in lighting. Since black does not reflect light, you will need more lighting in the kitchen to make it look livelier. You can achieve this by adding more light fixtures, which will cost you more. Since homeowners do not want to overspend money during renovations, they opt for colors that do not need extra lighting fixtures.

No return on investment

If you are remodeling your kitchen for selling, then choosing black does not help to increase the value of your home. Most new buyers prefer color schemes that are trending with black not being among the top options. You will have to find a homeowner who appreciates the value of a dull color in the kitchen for you to maximize your home’s value.

Final say:

These are the top reasons why most homeowners fear black. Otherwise, black kitchen cabinets can be really amazing in the kitchen. You just need to check out a few homes with this kind of cabinetry to see if you will like it.

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