Four Handy Tips To Get Rid Of Spiders In Your Home

Spiders are the eight-legged creatures that some folks don’t want in their homes. Although people do keep these creepy crawly creatures as pets. They always want to get into your home whether they are invited or not, especially the time of the year when it’s cold outside.  Spiders come in your home for warm comfort.


Four Handy Tips To Get Rid Of Spiders

Most times, they do not mean us any harm, but if you are scared or not a fan of this eight-legged creature, these four handy tips will help you to get rid of spiders in your home.

  1. Get rid of cobwebs- vacuum off the spider webs anytime you spot them anywhere around your house, when you keep doing this, they will know the area isn’t comfortable for them, and they will stop coming back.
  2. Move the bin- take the bin far away from your house as soon as possible. Flies love to hang around rubbish which will attract spiders from coming into your home because spiders love flies. Keep the bin closed at all times to keep spiders away from your home.
  3. Seal those cracks- spiders can easily craw in your home through cracks and holes around your house. Seal up any nooks and crannies and also check for tear or gaps around your window screens that could be allowing spiders into your home.
  4. Use lemon peel- this is an easy way to keep them away from your home, spiders hate citrus. Rub lemon peel over anywhere they might be hiding, also your bookshelves and windowsills.

However, there are other things you can use to eliminate spiders from your home, garden, or business sites.

Hire a professional pest exterminator; if you want an effective, yet a faster way to eliminate spiders from your home, do well to call the best professional pest control operator near you.


  • Trim back- cut or trim vegetables around your house that are unruly. These plants include ivy, overgrown shrubs and trees, which could serve as a hidden spot for spiders.
  • Light off- turn off outdoor light at night if you have one. These lights attract bugs, and spiders love to snack on insects. Prevent your house from being a targeted spot by turning off those light.
  • A spray of vinegar- take a spray bottle and mix well with white vinegar and water together. Spray the mixture into all those crevices you around your home. The smell will disappear as soon as it dries if you are worried about that.
  • Clean up- vacuum, dust and make sure your home is clutter free regularly to keep spiders away from your home. Remove leftovers and any other food. Crumbs and food can attract insect, including spiders.
  • Get a cat- cats are experienced hunters and will hunt down any spider crawl into your home. This is one the best way to scare spiders away from your home without spraying chemicals.
  • Cover pet food- we all know that flies love to buzz around meaty pet food. Use plastic boxes and cover pet food to prevent it from flies and other bugs which will lure spiders into your home.
  • Use mint-fill a spray bottle with water and peppermint, essential oil and spirits. Spray this mixture around cracks and corners of your home. The smell of peppermint put off spiders.

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