Do You Need Heavy Equipment for Your Home Remodel?

The first step in a home remodel project should always be making a plan. You don’t want to find yourself halfway through the process and unsure of what your next steps should be. But it’s not always easy to know what your plan ought to include. Many amateur and first-time renovators, in particular, find themselves wrestling with questions about what equipment might be necessary to complete their remodel.

While it would be nice to be able to finish your project with only a handheld toolbox, the truth of the matter is that you will likely need to rent some larger equipment. Below are just a few of the possibilities.

Demolition Equipment

In many cases, the first step toward a successful remodel is properly demolishing what’s already in place. But you can’t just take a hammer to the side of your home and begin whacking away. This is one of the times when having heavy equipment will make your job quicker, easier, and ultimately much safer and more efficient. Let’s take a closer look at some of the demolition equipment that can help you complete your renovation project.

Rock Grinder

A rock grinder is a rotary tool that can be used for such operations as trenching and demolition. It features an array of sharp teeth that bite into rock or cement and churn it up, making it easy to excavate. If you want to make alterations to your driveway, the rock grinder may come in handy, particularly if you are working near gas lines or in other places where it’s important to keep vibration low. Rock grinders are also known for their maneuverability, so if you are working in an area involving tight corners or the need to steer precisely, a rock grinder might be the best kind of excavator for you.

Skid Steer Saw

The skid steer saw is yet another kind of excavator. Although at the end of the day it does much the same thing as the rock grinder does—that is, it helps you remove unwanted rock and concrete from your property—its operation is quite different. The skid steer saw is designed to cut materials normal saws can’t tackle, so it’s perfect for carving out chunks of concrete. The skid steer saw is highly maneuverable and can be used to clear away a trench once it reaches its cutting depth. It can also be used to cut through fallen undergrowth and help to clear that refuse away. With the help of a skid steer saw, you can clear large areas of your property, leaving room to expand or modify your home.

Motor Grader

The motor grader is used to move small amounts of dirt and to create flat surfaces that will eventually be poured over with concrete or asphalt. If a previously un-built upon section of your property is being converted into a new room or a part of your driveway, you will want a motor grader to prepare the land before beginning to build. It’s very important to make sure you’re building on level ground and that there are no bumps in the terrain beneath a new section of the foundation, as this could lead to problems for your home down the line.

Waste Hauler

As you work, you’ll no doubt need to dispense with a large amount of refuse. You’ll find it impossible to condense all this waste into your standard garbage cans—and zoning laws may not even permit you do dispose of construction waste in that way. Equipping yourself with a large waste hauler is essential. This will enable you to localize the garbage and the recycling from your project in one centralized location, making it easy for collectors to take it away. Plan ahead and do yourself the favor of having a waste hauler at the ready.

Construction Equipment

Once you’ve finished the first stage of your project—demolishing what’s no longer wanted—you’ll need a whole new category of equipment. The machines in this group are designed to help build rather than tear down. As with the demolition equipment, you’ll find machines here that will enable you to do a better and cleaner job of realizing your vision.

Concrete Mixer

You have no doubt seen the concrete mixer before, its familiar drum spinning as it drives down the road. This tool is used to mix large quantities of concrete. Although concrete can be mixed by hand, it’s time consuming to do so and is probably impractical for large scale construction projects. The concrete mixer will whip you up a huge batch. It also includes a pouring spout so that the concrete can be dispensed directly onto the spot where it is needed. Once the concrete has been poured, you or the construction team will be responsible for shaping its surface and ensuring that it is smooth.


The mole takes its name from an animal that possesses the very same skill set as the tool—it digs holes. However, it is not as destructive as drilling and blasting, and that’s why we list it as a construction tool instead of as a demolition one. In fact, sometimes it can be necessary to construct a tunnel in the service of your project, and when that is the case, the mole comes in very handy. It tunnels through hard rock and sand very tidily, without causing the surrounding ground to cave in.

Asphalt Paver

The asphalt paver both lays down asphalt and applies mild pressure to its surface. The process of laying asphalt is the completed by a roller, a separate piece of equipment which compacts it fully. If you are planning to lay asphalt in your remodel, such as you might in a garage, this machine will prove very useful.

Remember that the use of heavy equipment requires the experience a professional can provide. Experts can help you choose exactly the right machine for the project and ensure that you’re using it safely and correctly. Plan your remodel carefully, and make sure you seek out the help you need.

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