Decorating a Bedroom with Black Bedroom Furniture

You can experiment with bright shades and use pretty pastels for your bedroom. However, nothing is a timeless as black bedroom furniture. It brings a hint of grounded sophistication to your room and of course, it goes with everything. But you must take note that the moody hues of the color black can be intimidating when it comes to your bedroom, where comfort and warmth are important factors in creating a sanctuary that induces sweet dreams.

black bedroom furniture

The good news is that you can try many things, and it is not that difficult once you start getting new ideas. If you want to fully enjoy the richness of black —invest in furniture items that you can keep even as the style evolves or the décor of your house changes. Let us see what you can do with black bedroom furniture

Use Contrasting Colorful Pillows with a Black Nightstand

In some rooms, black bedroom furniture can seem too heavy. A small black nightstand can be the ideal compromise between simple black accents and heavy black items. Pair it up with bright bursts of color in bedding or throw pillows. White, neutral colors, and black go with almost anything, and so you can pick accent color. Play with a variety of patterns and shades with that color.

Neutral Bedding and Black Bed Frame

Black is a strong color, but it does not have to overshadow everything else in the room. For bedding and throw pillows use neutrals like cream, khaki, white, and even light grey. Use a black bed as a background and match wall art and other pieces to integrate the look of your bedding.

Complement Bold Patterns and Black Accents

Black bedframes are modern and ultra-sophisticated, especially when you team them up with airy and crisp colors. Pair it with chic black patterned pillows or shams to keep the black color theme as the focus. Polka dots, geometric patterns, or simple outlines – all these patterns add symmetry to your bedroom. You can find pillows that match your black furniture in both modern and traditional styles.

White Walls to Set off your Black Furniture

Are you bored with plain white walls? Then use black furniture instead with those same walls. A simple black night stand, bedframe, or other black decor breaks up the monotony by introducing bold outlines to lead the eye around the room. You can then fill these outlines with light pops of color, fresh neutrals, or fun patterns.

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