Decoding Vinyl Siding styles and types

Decoding Vinyl Siding

It is common for people to get confused between the terms ‘style’ & ‘type’ while buying vinyl sidings. The vendors and other knowledgeable people of the trade often use these words interchangeably which makes it all the more complicated. The actual difference between the two terms must be understood for effective Vinyl Siding shopping. If you are willing to buy vinyl siding, they have different types of horizontal vinyl siding or Clapperboard Vinyl Siding.  Further, each type of Vinyl Siding comes in different styles like smooth, duct lap and more.

Hope types and styles make sense to you now. However, a professional might offer you deeper insight into the subject and introduce to you more variants of Vinyl Siding types and styles. Here we have already discussed a few vinyl siding color combinations that are perfect to choose:

Board & Batten:

These vinyl siding run from top to bottom, or vertically or up and down. You can easily spot them in your neighborhood as they are very popular and trusted by homeowners. Depending on the thickness and quality of the product, the cost varies between $3 and $10 per square foot. If you are buying a 2,000 square foot Vinyl sliding of an economy brand, it would cost you $6,000 approximately and for the premium brand, the price can be as higher as $20,000.

Dutch Lap Siding:

As the name suggests, this is a premium type of vinyl siding which runs horizontally. It is perfect to choose if you want to bring some ethnic charm to your home. The siding gives a hand-carved look to your home. Because of this, it is expensive and may cost around $9 per square foot. The signature look including Dutch Lap Vinyl is like panels nailed to the wall across the house.

Clapboard Siding:

80% of the Europeans and Americans prefer Clapboard siding and they are the most sold items in the industry.

Insulated Vinyl:

A great solution to energy conservation, these vinyl are great to keep your home cooler by 25%. So, if you live in extreme climatic conditions, Insulated Vinyl is of great use. The vinyl contributes in increasing the ‘R’ value, which means the preservation of heat during winter and air conditioning in the summer season. Moreover, it also offers soundproofing effects all around the year. With all these features, this is an expensive variant of Vinyl. It is expensive to buy as well as install but with a durable life and energy saving feature, the price is worth an investment.

Vinyl cedar shake:

If you are in awe of cedar wood, you can easily get that with Vinyl Cedar Shake. A very economical option to buy and install, it gives you the most exquisite feeling. Moreover, the Vinyl looks very attractive and demands no painting and staining. There is no need of termite treatment as well and in terms of durability, vinyl knows no competition.

You can buy different styles and patterns of vinyl and also choose colors of your choice. No matter what is your home style, you will definitely find a unique vinyl board for your house.

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