Choosing the Right Roof Snow Removal Tools in 2021

Winter season has finally arrived, and this is the best time for snuggling in bed and enjoying a cup of hot coffee. Often times, it’s also a good time for going outside for enjoying making snowballs. When it comes to maintaining your roof, you cannot be lazy.

Some people live in areas where snowfall is a common thing and the issue of snow on your property’s roofs is the thing you are going to be familiar with. Using a roof snow cutter with slide you can clear the snow from the roof. After all, it’s an amazing addition to your winter tools.

Snow Removal Tools

Snow, which settles on the roof, can lead to dangerous issues. It is really heavy and can destruct your roof easily without staying there for a long. Sometimes it can even lead to collapse if it stays there for very long. You can use a ladder for climbing up and brushing all snow off; nevertheless, it’s a harmful choice and is not at all suggested. You need the best roof snow removal tool that is a smartly designed tool, intended particularly for the purpose of snow removal from your roof without causing any harm.

Now let’s have some brief reviews of the best roof snow removal tools available on the market:

1. Avalanche–AVA500 Original Roof Snow Removal System

This is the first roof snow removal tool on the list. For deeper and heavier snowfall, or you can say drone roof snow removal, you need this type of system. AVA500 is beyond only a rake for pulling snow.  It is able to cut under the snow blanket, creating a pile which starts to slide off the roof simply like a mini avalanche.


  • You don’t require any tool for assembling the whole system.
  • Utilizes a snap-up coupler for convenient, simple storage, and easy assembly.
  • It utilizes a cutter frame on its rake head for cutting the thick snow build-up and pushing it off the roof.


Its lightweight fiberglass handle doesn’t easily adjust. You need to assemble four separate sections for making the handle maximized to its utmost length.

2. Ohuhu 21’ Twist-n-Lock Telescoping Snow Shovel Roof Rake Snow Blower

This is the least costly in the list of Japanese roof snow shovel tool choices. It has a completely expanded reach potential of nearly 21ft.


  • This extra lightweight device weighs less than 5lbs. You can work for a long without tiring your arms out from a bulky extension pole.
  • It features a 25” lengthy, 6” wide blade rake which removes ample amount of snow in a single swipe.
  • Its twist-n-lock feature helps people adjust the pole length quickly.


The wheels’ construction and connections can’t hold a heavy amount of snow. Thereby, it cannot be suggested for the areas with a heavy amount of snowfall.

3. Garelick 89521 21-Foot Aluminum Snow Trap Roof Rake

Like different organizations which make the models of snow rake for a metal roof, Garelick provides with various options. The Garelick 89521 is one of the best roof snow removal tools that work amazingly as a snow rake for a metal roof.


  • Its design utilizes an additionally powerful aluminum roof rake end which deals with the most intense snow build-up.
  • Its handle has four sections which pull snow together, offering a solid and powerful pole at every length.
  • Its blade is an additional inch wide for more intense snow build-up and utilizes 2 small rollers for preventing higher damages.


  • Although it features the shingle saver wheel design, in icy snow, wet, the wheels usually freeze up.
  • The separate handles restrict the accurate length you are able to maximize the pole and it loses the feasibility of fast expansion like those tools which utilize the twist-n-lock system.

4. Garant GPRRU4R Yukon Snow Rake

You can use this small Japanese roof snow shovel tool for clearing lower, smaller buildings. This well-made tool has powerful handle sections. It features a non-slip handle that makes it versatile and easy to use. This lightweight model weighs only 4 pounds; hence, it’s very easy to move it around.


  • 3-piece design
  • Solid and neat, easy to use
  • Lightweight model
  • Provides with a wide 24-inch clearance


  • Features a plastic snow rake blade
  • Just 15-foot length

5. Minnsnowta Dynamo Roof Rake

If you are looking for a standard type of snow rake for a metal roof, this is the one to choose. This particular model comes with some amazing features. It is able to reach as far as 24-foot. So consider it to be one of the longest of all tools on this list. And it does so with effectiveness and efficiency. This is made from very long lasting and strong aluminum, but it is a heavy model as it weighs more than 10 lbs.


  • Its pole is in 4 6ft lengths. Hence, you can select anywhere from 6-24ft.
  • It features a clearance blade (2ft) for an effective and wide path.
  • It’s easy to use and strong enough.


It’s bulkier and costlier than other models available on the market.

6. True Temper 193055510 17ft Telescoping Snow Roof Rake

True Temper brand is known for making high-quality property and lawn care tools. This particular True Temper snow roof rake continues the same reputation. This is one of the best roof snow removal devices which feature exceptional push-button telescoping handle for even quicker retraction and extension.


  • The brand included a non-slip treatment to its handle for offering you more leverage and a firmer grip for more intense snowfalls.
  • This snow rake end has an extra wear strip for boosting the longevity of its rake head.
  • Due to the push-button telescope lock, you don’t require taking your arms off the handle for discharging the telescoping system.


It expands only to 17 feet; hence, it’s not sufficiently long for reaching the peaks on the second story roofs.

7. Snow Joe 21” Telescopic Handle Snow Rake

Looking for a standard roof snow cutter with the slide? Snow Joe is a popular brand that manufactures such types of snow rakes. And this specific snow removal tool also features an innovative design. Instead of being a multi-piece making, it’s a telescopic design. At its shortest, its handle is 6ft long and you can maximize it to as long as 21ft. With the use of a twist-n-lock motion, its inner tube moves and locks back into place, so you can use it any length between minimum and maximum.


  • Easy to handle and lightweight (weighs less than 5 pounds)
  • Features a 25” x 6” blade to clear away enough amount of snow
  • Features twist-n-lock action
  • 21ft long



So, Which One Is the Best Roof Snow Removal Tool to Use in 2021?

It’s not very hard for making a choice after reviewing all the above-mentioned snow removal tools. All 7 do a perfect job in removing a great amount of snow. However, if you want the best roof snow removal tool available on the market, you are recommended to explore the Snow Joe 21” Telescopic Handle Snow Rake, at number 7 on the list.

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