Choosing kitchen furniture to fit your style

How to choose the right furniture and material for the kitchen?

The kitchen decor is of great importance for the functionality of this room. There is a reason why it is said that the kitchen is the heart of every home. This is a place where not only meals are prepared and food is stored. Very often it is a meeting place for the whole family and spending time together. That’s why choosing kitchen furniture you have to take into account many factors – functionality, aesthetic appearance, appropriate sizes and durability and easy to keep clean materials from which kitchen cabinets, tops and glass splashbacks are made.

kitchen furniture

Modern arrangement of the kitchen – how to reconcile fashion, style and functionality?

The right choice of furniture is essential for the subsequent convenience of using the kitchen. When considering what kitchen cabinets to choose, you can take advantage of proven solutions or opt for bold experiments. Let’s just remember that a consistent arrangement of the kitchen requires fitting the furniture design to the chosen style.

In kitchens decorated in a modern style, the priority will be simplicity, functionality, as well as a strong, uniform color of furniture fronts. Kitchens in a warm classic style are distinguished by attractive decorative details, embossing, and their most common color range are natural shades of wood. Both the styles selected can include different finishing materials – for example one-colour/lacobel glass splashbacks can also be used in modern kitchen as well as in traditional one, when printed with some classic/vintage pattern.

Kitchen cabinets – colours palette

The choices are huge. Ready-made kitchen designs are available in stores, taking into account not only different types of kitchen cabinets, but also built-in household appliances, the distribution of light sources and different styles of tops and glass kitchen splashbacks. You can also decide to independently compose a set of cabinets, shelves and shelves, focusing on your own taste, creativity and aesthetic sense.

An interesting option is glazed cabinets, which allow you to display various decorative items or valuable tableware. In turn, cabinets with full fronts will perfectly accommodate pots, pans and … stocks. Wall hung kitchen cabinets should be placed at such a height that it is easy to reach even the highest shelf. Splashbacks over the kitchen hob should be easy to clean and esthetic – this is why glass splashbacks are preffered.

Materials and colors of the fronts

The most popular material from which kitchen cabinets are made is an MDF board. Fronts made of it are cheaper, but less resistant than wooden fronts – made of solid wood or furniture board.

In order to improve the surface, veneering and veneering are often used, consisting in covering the surface of the panel with a thin layer of natural wood. You can also choose strong, distinctive veneer colors, thanks to which the arrangement will become more expressive. In addition, the fronts of the upper cabinets can be made of glass – most often matte, dairy, framed with a frame.

What table top and splasback?

The worktop must be solid and resistant, because it is the most exploited part of the kitchen building – it must withstand chopping, cutting, hot pots. It is also worth paying attention to whether it will be easy to clean – both table tops and back wall splashbacks should be easy to maintain clean. On the market we have a large selection of table tops, from laminated made of wood chips, paper, synthetic resins by composite, made of mineral mixtures to countertops made of stone, granite, marble, travertine, steel or glass. The last one is also favoured for use in the role of backsplash as it is much easier to keep clean than traditional tiles or other options – like bricks and stone. For those who prefer more classic line, backsplash glass printing solutions are also available where uv resistant & photoquality print is applied on the back of backsplash.

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