Are Painted Kitchen Cabinets Good

Homeowners always want to balance a couple of things when looking for ways to enhance their kitchen. Some of the top considerations include aesthetics and cost. This is why painted kitchen cabinets are among the top options that homeowners have when remodeling their homes.

Are painted cabinets ideal for a homeowner? This is a question that depends on a wide range of cost and aesthetic factors. Finally, the homeowner has to decide based on the pros and cons of using painted kitchen cabinets to beautify a home.

The pros of painted cabinets

Here are some advantages that may make you decide to install painted cabinets:


The top benefit that you get for using painted cabinets in your kitchen is related to the cost. You will spend far much lesser when you paint your cabinets than when you buy new cabinets. Furthermore, the finish of your cabinets is nearly the same as that of other alternatives such as vinyl and PVC.

Therefore, you can take advantage of this benefit if you are working on a tight budget.

Color looks good

Soon after painting your cabinets, the color looks good. In as much as the attractiveness of the color might not last for long, it can still be repainted to reignite the glow of the color. Other cheaper alternatives may not have the option of being repainted to retain their glow.

Can be durable

Durability isn’t a great feature of painted kitchen cabinets. However, if you are good at taking care of your cabinets, they can last for long.

Cons of painted kitchen cabinets

Here are some of the drawbacks that might deter you from this cabinetry option.

Not durable

Durability is always a factor that most homeowners consider when installing new cabinets in their homes. Painted kitchen cabinets are not favorites when it comes to durability. Other alternatives are far much better in durability.

The look is not long-lasting

The new look of the cabinets doesn’t last for long. This means that you will only enjoy the aesthetic value of the cabinets for a little while before going back to the struggle of wanting to install new cabinets.

If you scratch them, they will lose their aesthetic appearance.


Based on the discussion above, you can choose to install white painted kitchen cabinets in your home if you are working on a tight budget and you are capable of taking care of them.

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