Are Navy Blue Kitchen Cabinets Fashionable

Fashion is a key consideration for any homeowner renovating a home. The kitchen has become a central part of any home that homeowners want to prioritize in this area. Of course, any homeowner would want a kitchen that is unique but still fashionable. That is why most still think of common colors such as navy blue for their cabinetry renovation. So, are navy blue kitchen cabinets fashionable? Well, there is no definite answer to this apart from exploring both its pros and cons.

The pros of navy blue cabinetry

Here are some advantages of blue cabinetry in your kitchen:


Navy blue is not an ordinary color that you would expect in the kitchen. Therefore, installing navy blue kitchen cabinets makes the kitchen outstanding. It is a consideration that most homeowners would make if they want to be seen as different from other homeowners. Therefore, you can install these cabinets if you have a statement to make.


Let’s face it, navy blue is an attractive color. It appeals to the eye and would make your kitchen appear beautiful. However, you will need to ensure that the navy blue that you have chosen is of the right tone to make a powerful impact.

Looks clean

Navy blue isn’t a dull color as black. It cannot match the brightness of white but it looks cleaner than a majority of dark colors. Therefore, you can install these cabinets if you are looking for a color scheme that appeals to your sense of cleanliness.

The cons of navy blue cabinetry

Just before you install navy blue kitchen cabinets, think about these likely drawbacks:

Makes the kitchen looks smaller

Navy blue still remains a dark color. This means that it doesn’t reflect light out of the kitchen. The impact of this is that it makes the kitchen look smaller than it is. This is a disadvantage to homeowners with relatively smaller kitchen space. This should not be a concern if you have a large kitchen.

Doesn’t bring excitement to the kitchen

One of the top reasons why navy blue isn’t so admirable to new homeowners is that it doesn’t bring excitement to the kitchen. Most people prefer colors that are warm and seemingly exciting.


The final say is on a homeowner to decide if navy blue kitchen cabinets are great for them. At the end of the day, personal satisfaction matters more than fashion.

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