Are Honey Maple Kitchen Cabinets Outdated

A majority of homeowners are always concerned about fashion and trends whenever they want to make changes in their homes, more especially the kitchen. Maple kitchen cabinets are amongst the options that homeowners have when installing new cabinetry. The top question that you may have is whether they are outdated or can still serve in this modern era.

Examining maple cabinets

You can never tell for sure if maple kitchen cabinets are outdated or not. It is a fact that they are traditional. However, some people still find them attractive. This is why they are still in the market up to date.

Therefore, the question as to whether they are outdated or not can’t be answered firmly. However, homeowners can decide for themselves based on the pros and cons of this cabinetry design.

The benefits of maple kitchen cabinets


If you are looking for a durable cabinetry option, then honey maple kitchen cabinets should be your first choice. They last longer than pine, birch, or oak. This means that you will get value for your money since you won’t have to replace them soon after installation.


Maple cabinetry is known for its high resistance to dings and dents. This means that the cabinets can withstand daily use and still maintain their new look. It is an advantage to kitchen owners who use their kitchen frequently and don’t want to replace their cabinets because of dents. Installing maple cabinetry will solve this problem.


The cabinets are incredibly versatile. You can have a wide variety of finishes and paints and still maintain the good look of honey maple kitchen cabinets.

You can also find them in different styles to fit your budget and kitchen needs.

Drawbacks of maple kitchen cabinets


The main reason why many people don’t have honey maple kitchen cabinets installed is that they are expensive. Since the wood used is of high quality, the price is expected to be high. However, if you are looking at it on a long-term basis, you will be saving money.

Lose luster

When they are exposed to direct sunlight for long, they lose their luster. This reduces the aesthetic appeal of honey maple kitchen cabinets.

Final word:

The pros and cons reveal that honey maple kitchen cabinets are not outdated. You can try this design if you like high-quality cabinetry and have a budget for it.

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