5 Steps to Decluttering Your Home and Making It a Restful Sanctuary

According to the American Institute of Stress, most of the worst health woes today are the result of stress. Premature aging or looking and feeling older than you are can be due to stress. Anxiety, which leads to cardiovascular issues, is believed to be the result of stress as well.

Decluttering Your Home

In knowing this, to regain a good quality of life, it is therefore crucial to liberate yourself from too much stress. But, what are the common reasons behind stress?

Studies reveal that one of the top reasons for stress is not living the life that you want. In some societies, there is a strong pressure for people to do what they are told, or do as what others do, instead of pursuing what they truly want. Another common or typical situation that prevents people from living the life they want is having too much clutter in their life.

And speaking of clutter, this seems to be prevalent in households everywhere. The level of clutter ranges from the typical laziness to organize leaves things lying around, to something out of the reality TV show, “Hoarders.”

But whatever may be the level of clutter a household has, one thing is for certain, it creates a stressful and decreased quality of life.

Addressing the Clutter Problem at Home

Clutter is not a hopeless situation. On the contrary, it is quite easy to address as long as you are mentally and emotionally ready to take control.

Decluttering is just like any other process. You take one step forward and continue to take more steps until you reach the end. There really is nothing much to it other than knowing the steps to take. To help you launch into this process, provided below are the five steps to effective decluttering at home:

Step 1: Get rid of rubbish.

Take care of the rubbish first because you can easily identify what it is. It is every broken item you are still keeping, the wrapper or packaging of items you have bought, receipts from a long time ago – all the things that do not add value to your life. Chuck them all out along with the dust buildup all over your house.

Step 2: Get rid of what you do not use.

The sheer number of items that you do not use and have never used will surprise you. These are the five hammers in your garage when you only use just one, the specific items in a collection you had purchased because of just one or two items, the hobby items that your fantasy self wanted but your real self does not have the time to use, and many others.

If you have not used an item for the last six months or so, you most likely will not use it, ever. Therefore, take it out of your home.

Step 3: Find suitable storage for valuable items that you currently do not need.

Place the items you cannot get rid of in a temporary home such as a storage facility. You can turn to a removalist and storage company for this. They will pack and transport these items and put them in a safe storage facility for you until the time comes and you need them again in your home.

Step 4: Clean and organize.

Once you have pared down all the “space consumers” in your home, start cleaning up and putting things where they should be. You can employ the help of a home cleaning service to wipe down surfaces and disinfect everywhere. Afterwards, find the perfect resting places for all the items left behind after the decluttering process.

Step 5: Beautify and make your home smell good.

Incorporate a few decorative pieces to make your abode visually pleasing. Likewise, banish the musty smell left behind by the “cluttered past.” Use aroma diffusers, light aromatic candles, or use scented cleaning solutions for step 4.

A Decluttered Space is a Restful Place

After your decluttering journey at home, you will find that not only is it easier for you to move around, but you get most tasks done faster. Plus, your home feels much safer and restful. Your senses take great delight in it and find peace.

With a fresh, clean and airy atmosphere at home, you will find, at the end of each hectic day, a genuine space to find relief from the stressors of life.

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