3 ideas for an original kitchen counter and splashback. What’s better: glass, tiles or conglomerate?

The kitchen is a magical place where not only unusual flavors and aromas meet, but also the people who make home. In the kitchen, start the day with a cup of delicious coffee and finish it with a cup of fragrant tea. Because the kitchen is something more than the space in which we cook. It’s the heart of the house.

And as everyone knows, you have to take care of the heart! The interior of the kitchen should therefore be not only climatic but safe and functional. The beauty of kitchen and  furniture is not enough – their reliability is also important. To make them permanent, they take care of, among others worktops and splashbacks. Only for what type of tops and glass to decide best?

kitchen counter

In the classic tone – ceramic tiles

Ceramic tops are one of the most popular solutions. They are made of terracotta, clinker or gres – natural or glazed. When choosing terracotta, it is worth remembering that this material reacts vividly to large temperature changes. When laying terracotta tiles at the stove, you should try to get relatively wide joints between them. Thanks to this, tiles will be able to shrink and expand freely. When choosing a ceramic material, it is worth considering its abrasiveness class. Naturally, the higher the class, the more resistant the tiles will be to abrasion. In addition, there is a scale indicating resistance to mechanical injuries. Ceramic tiles are usually glued to a chipboard with water-repellent properties and then bonded with a waterproof joint. In order to make the edges of the countertops smooth, it is worth finishing them with ceramic shapes or special strips for finishing the corners.

Ceramic tiles have many advantages. The choice of this material is mainly due to its rich design. The tiles have a variety of patterns and colors, they can be large, mosaic, matt, semi-gloss or shiny. Well-chosen will be the flagship kitchen decoration. Mostly used in kitchens in the style of rustyklanym or Mediterranean. In addition, the tiles can boast resistance to high temperature, water and the action of detergents. High-quality models are resistant to mechanical damage, and if any plate crumbles, it can be easily replaced. Another important advantage is the price – tiles are one of the cheapest ways to finish the countertop.

Disadvantages? Amazingly, the biggest worries are not provided by tiles, but by grouting. The material can be difficult to keep clean and can be a mold for mildew. The solution to this problem is the assembly of the glass splashback – then we eliminate the problem of grouts and the dirt accumulating in them. The tiles, on the other hand, if they are of poor quality, can break, crumble and discolor.

Well … glass!

Light, design modern. It fits perfectly into the kitchen in a minimalist, industrial or hi-tech style. This is the glass top. It should be made only of durable, thick tempered glass, reinforced with steel mesh or glued with two sheets of foil or resin. From an economic point of view, the tile is better divided into several fragments – if one is broken, there will be less material to be replaced. It must be admitted, however, that a single sheet looks much more effective.

Glass tops can be transparent, colored, matte or shiny. For those who are thirsty for remarkable design, we recommend placing a laminated graphic with extraordinary texture and colors under the glass pane. Seekers of subtler solutions can take a closer look at the decorated glass, which embellishes delicate ornaments. Opaque glasses are usually attached to the worktop with the help of glue, while transparent ones are usually mounted spot-wise using screws.

A significant advantage of glass tops is their visual effect. They look really beautiful, brighten and enlarge the interior visually. In addition, tempered glass is heat-resistant, durable and resistant to moisture. The advantage is also that it does not absorb fat, does not absorb odors and does not require maintenance – this applies to both tops and splashbacks.

The disadvantage of the glass top is that it remains cold to the touch and it is difficult to keep it clean. On the slippery, shiny surface you can see every streak and a drop of water. In addition, it remains exposed to scratches. It should not be cut directly on it. Matching the glass top with printed kitchen splashbacks can create a unique combination that will delight the eye and at the same time will be extremely functional and comfortable.

A modern conglomerate

Conglomerate countertops are becoming more and more popular. And nothing strange – it’s a modern, aesthetic and practical solution that can be easily adapted to any kitchen arrangement. What exactly is a mysterious conglomerate? Well, it is a relatively light material, which consists of stone aggregate (ground marble or granite) and resins (polyester or acrylic). Various pigments are added to the mixture, thanks to which conglomerate tops can boast a wide range of colors and designs. A well made top of a conglomerate resembles that of a stone at first glance.

What does the conglomerate captivate? Above all, it is a highly resistant material to scratches, high temperatures, detergents, acids and alkalis. It is about 20% lighter than a stone, therefore it is much easier to fit it to the furniture. Small scratches created on the surface of the worktop can be easily sanded. In addition, the conglomerate is warm to the touch and easy to clean.

Of course, there are no ideals, that’s why some of them interfere with the repeatability of the pattern on the surface of the table top, through which the conglomerate model from the stone model can be distinguished. The product price is also not the lowest.

Cutting, chopping, chopping, rolling, preparing meat for pork chops … Kitchen counters really endure a lot! To enjoy them over the years, it is worth investing not only in beautiful but also solid material. Thanks to this, you will always be able to set off on your culinary travels with peace of mind.

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